Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

When you go to the store and come to the bbq sauce/ketchup/mustard section, you are probably like me and do one of two things: (1) you grab the same brand you always use or you (2) grab the bottles you have a coupon for. If this is you, then chances are that you have not tried Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. I admit that I have seen it on the shelf, but haven't tried it because I really wasn't sure what an "All Purpose Sauce" was all about.

After beginning to follow Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce on Facebook and seeing all of the giveaways they put up each and every day, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to sample their sauce.

My husband (Mr. Chicken?) is definitely a "sauce" kind of person, and loves everything from steak sauce to bbq sauce to hot sauce, so he was excited about trying a new sauce...the kids weren't too sure about a new sauce, but let's face it, give a kid a piece of chicken and they have an urge to dip it in something!

We started out with crockpot bbq chicken. We added the Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce about an hour before the chicken was done...it turned a little dark in the crockpot and concerned me a bit that it might be burned, but when I tasted it, it definitely wasn't! It was a slightly different taste from regular bbq sauce, maybe a little sweeter, but it was really good! Mr. Chicken liked it and so did kid #2...(kid #1 and #3 just don't like bbq anything, LOL...)

Mr. Chicken decided that because it wasn't actually a bbq sauce that we should try Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce it on other things, so we pulled it out last night for chicken nuggets and french fries. All three kids liked it better than sweet and sour, honey mustard and regular bbq sauce for their nuggets, and Mr. Chicken and kid #2 both used it for their fries instead of ketchup...yes, a 9 year old replaced his ketchup for Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. That's high praise, indeed!

We did not have a chance to try it on steak yet, but definitely plan to. I absolutely recommend Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce...it is not a bbq sauce but an "all purpose sauce" and seems to perfectly complement most anything you pair it with!

And now, what does this mean for you? Well, Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce has given me four bottles of their wonderful sauce to give to YOU! Yes, two of you will win not one, but TWO bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce!!

How do you enter?

Mandatory entry: Go to the Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce website, then come back here and let me know what you would like to try the sauce on.

For an extra entries: (please leave a separate comment for each of these that you do ~ up to 7 total entries per person)

** Follow “The Frugal Chicken” via Networked Blogs ~ right side of blog page. (If you are already a follower, you get this entry too!)

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** Like “The Frugal Chicken” on FB HERE!

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Remember, leave a separate comment for each of these extra entries that you complete! You can have up to 7 entries/comments. :)

The contest will close at 9pm EST on Sunday night, April 3rd. I will use random.org to choose the winners. Please list your email address in your comment so I will know how to contact you. Once I email the winners, you will have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address. If I don't hear from you, I will have random.org choose another winner.

Good luck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New rebate on Kellogg's Cereal ~ $10 pre-paid MasterCard!

Kellogg's Cereal is offering a $10 pre-paid rewards MasterCard! Check out the information and print the rebate form HERE!!!

You have to send the UPC's from 10 boxes of participating Kellogg's cereals and the rebate form. They must be postmarked by 12/31/2011 and received by 1/7/2012. What I think is awesome about this deal is that unlike most rebate programs, there is not a limit of one...in fact you can do this deal FIVE TIMES!!!

The Participating Brands are (unfortunately not the kids cereals I have a lot of already, LOL!):

All-Bran Original
All-Bran Buds
All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes
Smart Start Strong Heart Antioxidant
Smart Start Heart Toasted Oat
Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes Touch of Honey
Raisin Bran
Raisin Bran Crunch
Raisin Bran Extra
Product 19
Cracklin' Oat Bran
Lowfat Granola with Raisins
Lowfat Granola without Raisins
Lowfat Granola Original
Fruit Harvest Strawberry/Blueberry
Rice Krispies

(must be 10 oz or larger)

Remember to print these these Kellogg's Coupons before you head out to do your shopping!

Thanks to Southern Savers for the heads up on this awesome offer!

Check out Smile.ly ~ free products for your opinions!

I am new to this site, but it looks pretty neat! You sign up and fill out a profile, and they will offer you "Missions" which include sending you coupons for full size products...your mission is complete once you try the product and report back with your opinion. It will want to post your opinion to your FB page, not sure if that's mandatory or not...but for each mission you complete and each friend you refer, you earn "smilies" and the more smilies you get, the more missions you will qualify for!

I was approved for two missions and should be receiving a coupon for a full size country crock spread and G.U.M. flossers in the mail anyday now. Those are great freebies!

If this is something you are interested in, please use my link to join, and then pass your own link around to your friends!

smile.ly—Be Heard. Be Happy.

Free Coupon Book ~ Organize in Style!

Several times a year, the site Home Made Simple offers a new coupon booklet. They are absolutely free and have WONDERFUL coupons in them!

All you have to do is go to the Organize in Style Coupon Booklet and request your copy!

Are you a member of Vocalpoint yet?

Vocalpoint is a community for women that provides valuable and interesting insights about new products, surveys, daily tips, articles, and coupons/samples you can share with those you care about. These surprising gifts are certain to brighten your day.


They offer a lot of great samples on a regular basis, many of which are full size products! Most of the time, the samples will also come with great coupons, as well. Right now they are offering samples of Breve and the new fruit filled frosted mini wheats. Definitely worth the time of signing up!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

KitKat Text to Win Game

A lot of people have been winning this one, including myself! The only thing is, it doesn't tell you what you have won, it only tells you that you will receive your prize in 4-6 weeks! Chances are that most of us are winning a free candy bar, but there other great prizes too. It will just be a fun surprise when it shows up in the mailbox! (OK, if it's a candy bar I sure hope it's a coupon for it...a kitkat wouldn't last too long in the mailbox on a sunny day in May down here in Georgia!)

KitKat Text to Win Game!

You can enter online at the above link, or you can text the word KitKat to 44144. It will ask you a few questions and then let you know if you are a winner!

So check it out and let me know if you win!

Suave Facebook Giveaway TODAY 3/24!

Be sure and "like" the Suave Professionals FB page HERE!!

Then keep an eye on your FB feed or on their page today, cause they are doing a giveaway with 200,000 prizes available!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Possible John Frieda haircolor FREE!

Go "Like" their FB page...

John Frieda Salon Precise Color

Then scroll way down to COMPLETE SURVEY and see if you qualify to get a coupon for a free box of their new hair color!

I took the survey and was told I would receive a coupon in the mail soon!

Free Appetizer at Longhorn Steakhouse!

To receive an email for a free appetizer at Longhorn Steakhouse, be sure and join The Longhorn Steakhouse Western Hospitality Club

Who doesn't love cheese fries ~ especially FREE ones?! YUM!

Soft Scrub Coupon is back ~ save $1.50!!

Go to Soft Scrub's FB page and "like" it. You can then click on the "Get a Coupon" link on the let side of the page. These don't last long! Remember, this is a "bricks" coupon, so be sure and hit the "back" arrow 3 times and print a 2nd coupon!!

Soft Scrub

Free Kindle e-book ~ "The Simple Dollar: How One Man Wiped Out His Debts and Achieved the Life of His Dreams"

Amazon is offering a great book right now for Kindle absolutely FREE!

Trent Hamm's "The Simple Dollar: How One Man Wiped out his Debts and Achieved the Life of his Dreams."

You can get this even if you do not have a Kindle! There are apps available for smart phones (I use my Android) and you can even just download them to your computer and read them! Amazon lists it's "Top 100 Free e-books" list, and there is always something good to read!

Keep in mind that these change often, so before you click "Buy" look twice at the price to be sure it didn't change while you were deciding whether to download it or not!

Target Beauty Bag

Target offered a "Beauty Bag" freebie a few weeks ago, and mine came in today!

This included a cute little make up bag, a sample of Nivea Express Hydration lotion, Pantene Shampoo, a Neutrogena naturals lip balm, Fekkai shampoo and conditioner sample, a sample of Revlon Colorburst lipgloss and $25 in Target "Beautiful Bucks" which are just Target Store coupons toward brand name items.

I am not a Target shopper often, but those coupons will work just as well at Publix. :)

I will be posting these fun freebies when I find them, so keep watching!

What a great freebie!

New Coupons on Snackpicks!

These go quickly, so check them out and print them if you want them ~ several for cereals and for crackers.

Snackpicks Coupons!

Free Subscription to Woman's Day ~ HURRY!

Mercury Magazines is offering a free 1 year subscription to Woman's Day Magazine...these don't last long, so check it out asap!

Just "skip" the offer pages, no problem! Let me know if you get it. :)

Fill out the form here!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Check out this quickie giveaway!!

Crazy Coupon Mommy is having a quickie giveaway to win a copy of Suze Orman's "Action Plans."

Because entries are only accepted for a short period of time, the chances of winning are great!

Check it out HERE!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying out Wal-Mart's new Q policy.

In the past, Wal-mart has NOT been a friend to those who try to be frugal and use coupons. However they recently changed their coupon policy (see the updated policy HERE.

The part I have been seeing so much about (and that I wanted to try out!) was this: •If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase. I saw one customer post that after using her coupons, Wal-Mart actually PAID her $76 to leave with her purchases!

That was enough for me...I took my coupons and went shopping last night!

What I bought:

2 bags of Tidy Cat Kitty Litter (1.97 each)
5 trial (2 pk) Purex Complete laundry sheets (.97 each)
2 DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizzas with TollHouse Cookies (6.50)
1 DiGiorno Meat Pizza with boneless wings (6.50 each)
2 cartons Mayfield Ice Cream (2.97 each)


2 - 1.50 Tidy Cat Q's
5 - 3.00 Purex Q's
3 - FREE DiGiorno Pizza coupons (took off 6.50 each)

After the Q's came off, Wal-Mart ended up owing ME 1.89!!

The cashier wasn't sure how to do that, so she called someone else over who tried to tell me that they couldn't give me cash...I pulled up the new policy on my phone and showed it to her. She still didn't like it, so she found someone else to talk to about it, they pulled the policy up on their computer and went back and forth over it (while people behind me got mad and went to different lines), and came back over to discuss it further. When I pointed out that they were going to be reimbursed not only the face value of every coupon, but an additional .08 each, they started realizing that I was not cheating them, and that this very situation is the main thing that Wal-Mart changed about their policy. So they showed the cashier how to pay ME to take the products out of the store, and the cashier said (very quietly, LOL!) "You go girl, way to stand your ground." And then asked to add me as a friend on FB so I can help her learn how to frugal, LOL!

I will definitely keep an eye out for great Wal-Mart deals, and when I find them, I'll let you know!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My opinion on Kroger's new coupon policies...

As most of you know, Kroger has a "new" corporate wide policy that they will no longer accept e-coupons and manufacturer paper coupons on the same items. They also are only accepting one like printable coupon (even if you buy 5 like items, they will only take 1 printed coupon) and they are only doubling two like coupons (regardless of how many you have).

I would like to suggest that every one of you go to the Kroger website and click "contact us" and tell them what you think of these new policies! It may not make a difference, but it sure can't hurt! The more complaints they get, the better. They need to realize that they are going to be losing a lot more money than just the e-coupons once people start shopping other places!

Here is my letter to Kroger:

I have been a Kroger shopper for many, many years, and I started using coupons when my family of 5 became dependent on only one income. I have had great shopping experiences at Kroger, up until this past week.

I was very surprised and dismayed to learn of the new rules regarding the use of an e-coupon and a manufacturer's paper coupon. It is hard enough for me to make ends meet for my family, and to have this savings taken away really hurts! I spend several hours every week trying to work out the best way to spend my grocery money, and up until now, nearly 100% of my money was spent at Kroger. With the new rules, however, I have no other choice than to drive to the next town over to start shopping at Publix. I have to do what is right for my family, and I can save more there. I was told that Kroger was losing money accepting both types of coupons, but I daresay that once the serious couponers start shopping at Publix, you will be losing a lot more money.

Not only that, but there have been many other "new" rules lately, including only accepting one internet printed coupon on same items (even if you purchase 5 items, you can only use 1 printed coupon) and also on only doubling two like coupons.

In this day and age, families are struggling to put food on the table, and I am deeply saddened by the fact that instead of making it a little easier for their loyal customers, Kroger is basically kicking us while we are down and taking away the savings that we depend on, that we NEED.

Publix has wonderful customer service, double coupons, accept internet printables AND competitor coupons...Kroger should take a few lessons from them. I hate to go elsewhere to shop, but feel that you have given me no choice.

So go ahead, make yourself heard, and tell them what you think about the new policies!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New $35 ConAgra Coupon Book!

ConAgra has a new coupon book offer! Purchase $15 in ConAgra Foods, send in the form plus your receipts, and receive a coupon book with $35 in coupons!

Click here to download and print the request form!

Click here for a list of ConAgra foods!

This is valid on receipts dated between 12/26/10 and 3/31/11, so if you are like me and keep your receipts, most likely you can request your booklet without having to buy a single thing!

Must be postmarked by 4/15/11. :)

Free Chips & Queso at Chili's!

Are you a member of the Chili's E-mail club? If not, sign up now and print a coupon for free Chips & Queso! These coupons usually go quick, so sign up and print ASAP!

House Party

Have you signed up for House Party? If you haven't, why not?!

House Party works with leading brand name companies who have something new that they want to get out there ~ maybe a new product, tv show or a cause ~ and they choose thousands of people from around the country to host parties for them! The parties are all held on a single day, and the hosts receive ~*~ aMaZiNg ~*~ Party Packs to get things started!

They list the parties that are currently available, and you have to apply for each one. The applications are kind of long, but if you are chosen, it is SO worth it!

I have had the pleasure of being chosen for 2 different parties...the first was a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Party that my 9 year old was beyond excited about! We received a big box that included a dozen action figures, board game, coupons for more figures, codes to use with an online game, tattoos and more.

The second party hasn't happened yet, but I got the Party Pack in this week to host the DiGiorno Pizza and Hoops House Party. DiGiorno is promoting their new products which include their DiGiorno frozen pizza and packages that also include breadsticks, boneless wingz or Nestle Tollhouse Break and Bake Cookies. This Pack is awesome! We got an over the door basketball goal, pizza cutter, spatula, basketball shaped timer, basketball pot holder, DiGiorno plates and a coupon booklet, which included 6 coupons for free DiGiorno pizza (the new combo packs) and a dozen $4 off coupons. All we have to add is drinks, and we are good to go!

Currently, they have open several parties...the one the kids would love to host is the Little Debbie Cloud Cake House Party.

If you are chosen for this one, you will receive:

•Little Debbie Cloud Cakes
•Little Debbie napkins
•Little Debbie Cloud Cake note pads
•Little Debbie coasters
•Little Debbie Cloud Cake magnetic photo frames

You will also make your own commercial for the product and have the chance to win awesome prizes.

Make a note of the dates that they will be contacting winners too, and check the website and your email often that day ~ they always offer the parties to more people than they need, and the ones who get back to them and set up their party websites are the ones who get to host. I lost out on a Febreeze party when I first started out with House Party because I didn't respond quick enough!

There are almost always multiple House Party events accepting applications, so check back often!


Sunday Coupon Insert Previews!

This week, our newspapers should contain two inserts, (1) RedPlum and (1) SmartSource. To see what coupons you should receive, check out Southern Savers Coupon Preview for 3/13.

Also, be sure and check out Whole Coupon Inserts and see what coupons they are going to be offering this week...get that order in as early as you can so you can get your q's that much sooner!