Friday, October 5, 2012

The Bzzz About Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist

As a member of BzzAgent, I am sometimes given the opportunity to try new products.  Most recently I was sent coupons for a free Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and a free Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.  

When I went to pick out the scent I most wanted to try of these Glade Expressions products, I admit I was a little hesitant when I saw the available scents.  The only one that appealed to me even a little was the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice, and I wasn't too sure about that one.  While I love the scent of apples, once you add a spice scent of any kind, the apple scent usually takes a backseat.  Not only do I not particularly LIKE the scent of spice, it tends to leave me with a headache.  After thinking about it a bit, I did decide to try it, in hopes that the Cardamom Spice would not overshadow the Fuji Apple.

Once I opened the products at home, I realized that the main scent I smelled was actually apple!  I was absolutely thrilled at the scent, and then to see that the black and white of the Oil Diffuser matched my kitchen was just the icing on the cake!

My only complaint about the Oil Diffuser is that the scent does not carry very far.  While it smells really good in the area surrounding it in the kitchen, it does not really drift very far from that particular area.  That area, however, smells yummy!

The Fragrance Mist probably won't last very long in my home.  Every time I turn around, one of the kids has got it and is spraying it all around.  As much as I like it, they seem to like it just as much or maybe even more!  It's wonderful to have the scent of Autumn in the house anytime we want it.

I could not be happier with these products (well, unless the diffuser diffused a little more, LOL!) and I am really glad that I made myself try this particular scent.  I am looking even more forward to Autumn since I have a house that already smells like it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free? Yes, thank you!

About two weeks ago, I decided to start doing the "5 a Day" project.  Basically this is where you choose 5 companies a day to send an email to, be it a compliment or a complaint or just a story about how your family uses their product.  I don't actually ask for coupons, but they do send them a lot of the time just as a courtesy for taking the time to contact them.  You can see more information on my previous blog post HERE!

In less than two weeks, here is what I have received in the mail, without asking for it:

Here is a list of what I received, thus far:

  • Pepsi:  4 coupons for .50/1, plus a sticker sheet 
  • Purex:  packet of Dial coupons (.35/Dial Soap, .50/Purex, $1/Purex Crystals, etc...)
  • Turkey Hill:  packet of coupons ($1/tea, $1/dairy products, etc...)
  • Fresh Step Cat Litter:  coupon for $2.50/1
  • Duncan Hines:  Coupon for $1.00/3 (not great, but still a coupon!)
  • Maruchen/Ramen:  3 coupons ~ .50/24 packs, .50/8 Yakisoba, .50/12 Instant Lunch (again, not great, but still!)
  • Mrs. Freshley's:  2 coupons for free products (this was a complaint about some donuts we bought that were bad)
  • Glade:  2 coupons for a free Glade product plus a coupon booklet  (this was a complaint about a broken Sense and Spray)
  • Gillette Venus:  coupon for a package of 4 free Venus cartridges (they said it was a one time thing)
  • Kettle Chips:  free bag
  • Otis Spunkmeyer:  free package of frozen cookie dough
  • Nathan's Hotdogs:  coupon for free package plus two $1/2 coupons
  • King Arthur Flour:  coupon for free 5lb bag of flour plus .55 coupon
Not a bad haul for taking a minute or so to send an email to products that our family enjoys!  If this is something you want to try, just check out my previous blog post for details HERE!  

I am definitely going to keep sending emails when I have a spare minute or two.  Some companies reply with an email telling you they are going to send you coupons, some tell you they don't send coupons, some simply say "thanks" and some don't reply at all.

Don't get discouraged, just keep emailing and watching your coupons started arriving two days after I sent my first emails and it has definitely made checking the mail more fun!