About Me

I am Juli, a 30-something stay-at-home mom of three children ages 11, 9 and almost 4. I dearly love being at home with my kids, and when things started getting really tight, I decided to figure out how this "coupon" thing works. The deeper I got into my research about printable coupons, stacking coupons, organizing coupons, free products and stockpiles, I realized how fascinating it truly is! I can tell you that I will never again pay for toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, conditioner or soap, and I will never again pay more than $1 for a box of cereal ~ yes, brand name cereal!

Once you start couponing, you will never again be able to go back to paying full price for anything. It's absolutely horrifying to look back at how much money we have spent over the years for things that we can for just a few cents ~ or even free!